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xGen™ Human Copy Number Variant (CNV) Backbone Hybridization Panel

Research copy number variations in the human genome

The xGen Human CNV Backbone Hyb Panel spans the entire genome, allowing you to generate reference coverage data that can be used for research on copy number variations (CNVs). Use this as a standalone panel or a spike-in to other xGen Hyb Panels.

xGen™ NGS—made for variant research.


  • Identify changes in copy number throughout the human genome
  • Use as either a spike-in or a standalone panel
  • Enjoy fast turnaround via easy online ordering and next day shipping

For the xGen Hybridization and Wash Kit, xGen Universal Blockers, xGen Library Amplification Primer Mix, and/or xGen Human Cot DNA, please visit the xGen Hybridization Capture Core Reagents page.

Product details

IDT is committed to providing our customers with quality products for researchers working on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. The xGen CNV Backbone Hyb Panel was designed as part of the NGS Tech Access program at IDT, which is intended to accelerate innovation by enabling earlier access to our most advanced research tools. However, Tech Access products are not functionally QC-tested. These products are particularly well suited to experienced researchers who require the most up-to-date technology to unlock new discoveries.

Copy number variations (CNV)s are genomic changes that increase or decrease the number of copies of a particular gene or segment of gene. Underlying causes for these changes include duplications, inversions, translocations, and/or deletions.

The xGen CNV Backbone Hyb Panel has a modular formulation consisting of over 9,000 individually synthesized 5’-biotin modified oligonucleotide probes that are spaced approximately every 0.34 Mb across the human reference genome. After hybridization capture and next generation sequencing, the resulting data can be used for research on the root causes for cancer, autoimmune diseases, or studies on inherited diseases.

Hybridization capture panels, such as the xGen CNV Backbone Hyb Panel can identify the exact location of translocations, inversion, deletion, and/or duplication in the genome. Whether used with an IDT xGen Custom Hyb Panel, another predesigned hybridization panel, or as a standalone product, the results can identify variants in addition to CNV, such as single nucleotide variations (SNVs) and indels. Together, using the xGen CNV Backbone Hyb Panel provides an alternative way to understand the correlation of the human genome sequence and function.