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Demonstrated Methods for xGen™ NGS

Powering Innovation Through Leading Automation Partnerships

Through partnerships with top automation vendors, IDT facilitates the provision of automated methods for our library preparation kits on their respective systems. The synergy between industry automation expertise and our proficiency in library prep and sequencing results in a highly advantageous solution for NGS-configured automated systems.

xGen NGS—made for automation.

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Automation is integral for NGS labs who need to sequence more samples.

Demands on next generation sequencing (NGS) outputs continue to increase as the race to solve complex genomic concerns accelerates. IDT understands your scientific and application needs.

IDT chemistries have built a solid foundation on quality. In particular, proprietary solutions for low-input and degraded samples associated with the identification of low variant allele frequency and novel biomarkers. Now, these same chemistries have been reformulated to tackle these challenges on an automated scale.

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We currently offer demonstrated methods for a portion of our library prep portfolio, and we are actively working on expanding this offering. These methods undergo rigorous development and testing by both our partners and us to ensure they meet our high standards for library prep methods.

Platform vendor and model

Reagent kitStari7NGeniuSDreamPrepFluentSciClone G3 NGSx
SciClone iQBravoOT-2EpMotion (Various)MGISP-960
xGen Hybridization CaptureXC   CX   C
xGen DNA Library Prep EZ C   X  X C
xGen cfDNA & FFPE v2 MC XCC  X     
xGen Amplicon     XX    
Accel-NGS 2S Plus X   X     
xGen Methyl-Seq C         
xGen RNA Library Prep        X  
xGen DNA MC        X  
xGen Normalase      X X  
Application flyer availableC
Automation script available through FAS teamX

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