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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Automated NGS solutions

Creating libraries for next generation sequencing is a tedious process that can take from more than two hours to several days to complete. Great care must be taken to keep accurate records of which samples received which adapter. Pipetting each sample and reagent by hand can lead to pipetting inconsistencies, ultimately compromising precious samples.

Automating NGS library preparation can minimize the constraints associated with manual processing. Automation solutions from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are built to alleviate your pain points, whether you need robust automation for a few samples or a high-throughput solution to increase your capacity.

Biomek workstations are configurable to handle workflow needs from microliter to milliliter transfers for nucleic acid isolations, and from primary sample tubes to preparing sequence-ready libraries. The ability of Echo Acoustic Liquid Handlers to enable nanoliter to microliter transfers allows for the reduction of library prep costs through reaction volume miniaturization and acoustic non-contact transfers.

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